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Merveille Arima cuisine


Merveille Arima cuisine

Long ago, while Arima was in the mountainous area, many hot spring resident guests who told her the efficacy of the hot spring visited, eventually becoming a major exchange point for the information of various places.Where roads are gathered, there are roads, a highway connecting the main points, more people gather.

Eventually, mountain cookies and seafood have also been easily brought in.Rokko Mount through the ascending and descending in a straight line the famous Totoya-michi Trail, and fresh seafood of Akashi and Nada, abundant wildlife meat and riches of the soil is brought quickly plenty from Tamba Kaido (highway), hospitality hot spring recuperation guests It was.

It is still the same today, and for customers who want safe and fresh ingredients, we quickly bring Akashi Strait Ohashi, Shinkobe Tunnel, and Chugoku Jukando

Delicate taste kaiseki dishes served in Kyoto style, Kobe Beef Shabu-shabu, gathered in Japan in the winter, gathered directly from the production area, and picked up ingredients from all over Japan.

The pleasure of traveling is nothing but the enjoyment of meals.

料理長 植田尚樹

Chief chef Naoki Ueda

Born in Fukuoka
Trained at a high-class restaurant in Osaka, Kikusuiro in Nara.
In March 2010, he became Deputy Chief Chef of Merveille Arima.
From June 2019, he will be the chief chef of Merveille Arima

Supper / Breakfast Served at Restaurant 17: 30-21: 30 

From 7:30 to 9:30 in the morning

Please select the food content when applying for the accommodation planFor meals only, please contact us by phone.(Reservation required)

  • 上会席・月山コース(一例)

    Upper Kaiseki Cuisine / Gassan course(An example)

    A course with world-class Kobe beef teppan-yaki (grilled on an iron plate) and seasonal kamameshi.

  • 季節懐石・緑風コース

    Seasonal kaiseki·Ryokufu Course

    Japanese cuisine using seasonal ingredients.

  • 末広御膳(一例)

    Suehiro Set (Meal)(An example)

    A discreet treat that is served only on weekdays.

  • 朝食バイキング(一例)

    Buffet Breakfast(An example)

  • 神戸牛しゃぶしゃぶコース(通年)

    Kobe Beef Shabu-shabu Course (All Year)

  • 神戸牛鉄板焼き

    Kobe beef teppan-yaki (grilled on an iron plate)

One item menu

Reservation required menu(3 days in advance)

Meals in Dining Hall

  • 桔梗


    Kotatsu-style Japanese-style banquet hall(Ideal for small groups of up to 10 people) 

  • 花暦


    Dinner will be served in a restful Japanese restaurant.

  • 紅葉

    Autumn Foliage

    You can use it for groups of up to 50 people.
    Breakfast venue in the morning.


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