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Welcome to Merveille Arima.

The hotel “Merveille Arima” is located in Hyogo Prefecture Arima, Hyogo Prefecture Arima“Arima Onsen”, a well-known Japanese favorite, has been loved by people since ancient times.
We introduce various routes to our hotel by car, train, Direct Bus to Arima Onsen, and taxi.

Transportation information to Merveille Arima

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Hotel Name

Merveille Arima


1670-5 Utsugidani, Arima Town, Kita Ward, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture

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2 minutes on foot from Kobe Electric Railway "Arima Onsen" Station, 10 minutes by car from Chugoku Expressway"Nishinomiya-kita IC"
  • When using a car

    Access method 1: Osaka
    10 minutes to Chugoku Expressway - Nishinomiya North - Arima Onsen

    Access method 2: Osaka
    About 2 minutes from Hanshin Expressway Kita Kobe Line to Arimaguchi to Arima Onsen


    40 free parking spaces
  • By car / taxi / Hotel private parking lot, 40 units (free)

    ■Nishinomiya KIta IC
    The above road sign is a landmark.(Arima-Onsen Station is right next to this sign. )

    ●Approximately 10 minutes from the Chugoku Jukan Highway Nishinomiya North IC
    ●About 2 minutes from Hanshin Expressway Route 7 Kita-Kobe Line, Arima IC
    ●If taxi, it is about 60 minutes from Itami Airport (charge / about 10,000 yen (medium size))
    ●In addition, there are abundant driving course, such as Royu Driveway, Omote Rokko Ura Rokko Drive Way, Rokko Tunnel.

    ※The parking lot of our hotel is a stereoscopic parking form.Upon arrival, we will store your car and key at the front desk and store it in the parking lot on our side.
    For cars you keep, we are responsible for moving safely and carefully.
    However, we do not take responsibility for inquiries concerning scratches dent, etc. that were attached from the beginning, from scratches etc from the beginning, and scratches of cars after returning, so thank you for your understanding.
    Especially big cars such as bus, camper, truck etc can not be stored, so please use nearby pay parking lot.
  • on the train

    2 minutes on foot from Kobe Dentetsu Arima Line Arima-Onsen Station on the Kobe Dentetsu Arima Line Arima-Onsen Station

    ■Route from Osaka Station
    1. JR Kobe Line, rapid train Bound for Himeji Direction approximately 25 minutes Get off at Sannomiya Station, about 10 minutes Kobe Municipal Subway bound for Tanigami, transfer to Tanigami Station about 15 minutes Kobe Electric Railway bound for Sanda Direction on Arimaguchi Station Sannomiya Station get off at Bound for Arima Onsen 2 Min (One-way fare, 1,290 yen)

    2. About 40 minutes by limited express train bound for Hanshin / Hankyu Shinkai area, about 30 minutes for Shin-Kai Station, about 30 minutes for Kobe Electric Railway Mita, 2 minutes for Arima Onsen at Arimaguchi Station Yes)

    ■JR Sanyo Shinkansen (bullet Train), Route from Shin Kobe Station
    1. Shinkansen Shinkobe Station getting off, Hokushin Kyuko (Kobe City Operated Subway) about 8 minutes train Bound for Tanigami Tanigami Station, transfer to Tanigami Station about 15 minutes to Sanda Direction, transfer to Arimaguchi Station Bound for Arima Onsen 2 minutes, (one-way fare, (720 yen) (Morning and evening, Through-train to Arima Onsen available)
  • by bus

    From Hankyu Umeda Station before (Osaka), Hankyu Express Bus has been operating.(One-way fare fare 1,330 yen)