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  • We have a lunch plan

    The chief chef's special lunch box that you can easily enjoy in your room is available only on weekdays.(The photo is an example)

    Nesting lunch box 1 piece 2,000 yen(The photo is an example)
    Taiko flower calendar lunch 1 piece 3,300 yen
    (Cooking content varies depending on the purchase situation

    ※We cannot accept requests for bento dishes, allergies, etc.Please understand.
    In addition, we will bring your lunch to your room at a fixed time.We cannot accept requests for time.Please understand.
  • Seasonal / early summer"Flower iris lunch"
    We will prepare an iris lunch for dinner only on weekdays from May 9th to June 30th.
    It is a lunch box of the chief chef's whole body made with the image of irises and moss phlox.
    It is not a lunch box with plenty of meat, but it is a dish that you can enjoy leisurely while drinking alcohol.

    Enjoy your meal.

    ※For owner members and members, please contact us directly by phone.
  • Iris
    The irises and moss phlox at Eitakuji Temple in Sanda City will delight the eyes of many tourists (^^!
  • Members / Golf Club

    Golf enthusiasts hold Golf Competition (about 3 groups) in odd months.
    Participation by one person is also OK.Of course, the participation of members and their friends is also OK!
    Every time we play a different golf course, we have a friendly round!
    Members who like golf, please join us.

    Next time is July 21, 4th year of Reiwa Nishinomiya Kogen Golf Club