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Merveille Club

  • ·Member-sized preferred reservation system
    ·Always 4,500 yen per night
    ·Receive free accommodation vouchers for 4 nights a year
    ·Complimentary Breakfast
  • What is Merveille Club?

    At the same time, it is a membership-type resort hotel that gets pleasures with a villa and the convenience of the hotel. Wonderful, shining star, France with the meaning of such attractions Merveille

    Towards the creation of a "wonderful soothing time in the land", the Merveille Arima birth. Based on a clear concept, Arima Onsen is Japan's oldest well-known place for people to interact with nature. It is close to the downtown area, and it can be said that it is a real resort area that you can visit as many times as you want once you think about it.Please serve as base for your second life.
  • Merveille Arima, Registered member wanted

    Why do not you reserve a membership resort hotel to Japan Oldest Onsen Region Arima, Japan Oldest Onsen Region Arima resort?

    ① The accommodation fee is 1 night with breakfast and 4,500 yen per person (Various taxes)

    ※One night dinner & breakfast with weekday 7,150 yen (tax not included) ~
    ※Saturdays, holidays, year-end and new year, even if you are single person, the price will not change.
    ※The same charge is for people accompanying the same room.

    ② Receive 4 free tickets (one night ticket with breakfast)

    ③ You can participate in various events organized by the hotel.
    ※Regular Golf Competition, small trip, Dinner party, Culture Event etc.

    ④ For those who are introducing, we will offer 24 tickets per year (one for each room use) tickets you can accommodate on equal terms as the members.
  • We have prepared two course.

    【A, Platinum member course】
    You can use the facility for 5 years as a member
    Registration fee and membership fee 5 years 325,000 yen (Consumption tax not included)

    【B, Gold Member course】
    You can use the facility for 3 years as a member
    Registration fee and membership fee for 3 years: 240,000 yen (Consumption tax not included)
  • We will send you materials if you call us.
    Experience We are receiving accommodation (We will accept by member rate. )

     【For inquiries here, 078-903-3141】